Washing machine performance laboratory
  • IEC 60456 clothes washing machines for household use -methods for measuring the performance
  • IEC 60335-2-7 household and similar electrical appliances-safety-particular requirement for washing machines

The Washing machine performance laboratoryprovides all the testconditions, environment and facility for the washing machine tests. The test room can be used to determine different features of thewashing machine, including the washing performance, the agingfeature, the rinse performance, the dry performance, the waterconsumption, the power consumption, the programming time, thewashing machine safety, the pack and delivery, and the physical andchemical feature.
Dishwasher performance laboratory
Environment temperature:-15~50℃±1℃ 
Cold water:15~20℃,stability:±0.5℃
Hot water:room temp.~85℃,stability:±0.5℃
Air velocity ≤0.25m/s

The test lab is a dedicated facility to implement the performance tests of dishwasher.It can determine the cleaning index,drying index,energy efficiency index and water efficiency index etc.of the tested unit under given room temperature(20 ℃ normally). The test objects could be vertical type dishwasher,built-in type dishwasher,wall-mounted dishwasher.