The lab is used for measuring the performanceof air conditioneraccording to ISO5151and ASHRAE16 standards. It measures various kinds of data including capacity, EER, COP,pressure and temperature of the Air-con. The lab consists of compartments (2 chambers), controlled-temperature air spaces (2 rooms), air handling unit, chillers, power panel, computer system and so on.
1.Test method

Room type Calorimeter Method: Using the adiabatic rooms as calorimeter, to evaluate the capacity of the UUT by measuring the heat input or removed from the calorimeter (electrical heat capacity or cooling capacity generated by a cooling coil) in order to maintain the rated working condition. 

The method can be performed both in indoor and outdoor rooms of the calorimeter independently at the same time. The test result of the indoor room is considered as standard rating, and the outdoor can be regarded as the proof experiment. 

2.Test Standards

GB 7725-2004 Room air conditioner
ISO 5151-2017 Non-ducted air conditioners and heat pumps -- Testing and rating for performance

3.Acceptance criteria

⑴ Repeatability test---- Rated cooling capacity tests.
Acceptable difference----≤±1% of averaging difference for one UUT 3 timesconsecutive test, which the tests are at the same installation condition.

⑵ Master sample as compared to tests---- Rated cooling capacity test. 

Acceptable difference----±1% compared to test result from local National Testing Center.

⑶ Accuracy Test----Rated cooling capacity tests on the two sides at the same time. 

Acceptable differences of indoor side and outdoor side test results----≤4.0% of difference for one UUT 3 times consecutive test, which the tests are at the same installation condition.