Multi-split AC (VRV) performance laboratory
1. Synopsis of test laboratory

Fan Coil Unit Test Room acts as the standard lab for measuring cooling capacity by air enthalpy method and water flow meter method. It measures various kinds of data including cooling and heating capacity, airflow rate and electric properties of the Air-con.
It consists of lab chamber, air handling unit, compressor condensing unit, airflow measurement apparatus, water test system, control system, computer system and so on.

2. Specification

Air side dry bulb temp: 15~30 degc
Water temperature: 5~65degc
External static pressure: 0-450 PA
Test accuracy:

(1) Cooling and heating capacity test repeatability precision:
Acceptable deviation <± 1%

(2)Cooling or heating capacity test balance:
Acceptable deviation <± 4%

Test standard:

GB/T 19232 Fan coil unit