It is a test rig for testing the performance of compressor under specified refrigerant condition described in this technical document. 

It consists of 1 compressor refrigerant test loop for testing compressor, and one controlled ambient test chamber, one electrical control and measurement system, to maintain compressor in the specified working condition; 

Compressor test loop: test unit will be installed and run coupling with a capacity variable refrigerant loop, the condensing pressure, evaporative pressure, and suction temperature can be controlled to maintain on specified condition, then measure the capacity by secondary fluid calorimeter on suction side(Method A) and liquid side mass flow method (Method E) described in EN 13771-1.

The tested compressor will be installed in a constant temperature chamber, which maintains the ambient air temperature when conducting tests.

A control panel, test unit power panel and auto data logging system, equipped with a special design software application, acts as the top-level controller and monitor for the whole facility.
Design standards:

GB/T 5773   The method of performance test for positive displacement refrigerant compressors

EN 13771-1Compressors and condensing units for refrigeration -  Performance testing and test methods - Part 1: Refrigerant compressors

EN 12900   Refrigerant compressors - Rating conditions, tolerances and presentation of manufacturer's performance data


Test accuracy 

⑴ Deviation of rated cooling capacity repeatability test< ±1.5%

⑵ For reference compressor unit,the deviation between the result tested by the facility and the test result from  national testing center should be < ±2%.