Compressor durability test bench

The test bench is used for testing the durability of compressor.It adopts the energy-saving refrigerating circuit alternative system to control the thermal loads for condenser and evaporator,and simulates the compressor running under different working conditions or accelerated life test conditions.

The test procedures are editable by the user,it can meet the different requirements from customers for reliability test of electrical-driven refrigeration compressor.

GB/T 22068-2018 Automobile air conditioning electrically driven compressor assembly

GB/T 5773  The method of performance test for positive displacement refrigerant compressors

EN 13771-1Compressors and condensing units for refrigeration -  Performance testing and test methods - Part 1: Refrigerant compressors

EN 12900   Refrigerant compressors - Rating conditions, tolerances and presentation of manufacturer's performance data


Suction pressure:0~1.0Mpa,Measurement accuracy:±0.2%FS Control Accuracy: ±0.003Mpa

Discharge pressure:1~3.5Mpa,Measurement accuracy:±0.2%FS,Control Accuracy: ±0.005Mpa

Suction temperature:  0~50℃     Measurement accuracy±0.1℃,  Control Accuracy:±1℃

Discharge temperature:  0~150℃    Measurement accuracy±0.1℃

Test duration:0~9999h