The facility is used for measuring the air leakage rate of Packaged air conditioner,roof top air conditioning unit,air-air energy recovery equipment.

It adopts the obstruction-type flow measurement principle, uses the standard long diameter and low-speed nozzle as the obstruction, and measures the airflow through the nozzle by measuring the static pressure difference between the two ends of the standard nozzle.By adjusting the connection between the auxiliary fan and the air chamber, it meets the air leakage measurement of the unit in both positive pressure and negative pressure forms.
Test standards

GB/T 1236-2017
Industrial fan---performance testing using standardized airways
Central-station air handling units
GB/T 20738-2018
Roof top air conditioning unit
GB/T 21087-2007
Air-air energy recovery equipment

Unit under test:

Packaged air conditioner,Roof type air conditioning unit,air-air energy recovery equipment

Test items

Air leakage rate (Packaged air conditioner,roof top air conditioning unit.

External and internal air leakage rate(air-air energy recovery equipment)

Capacity range:

Airflow rate:130~2000m3/h(positive pressure 700Pa)
External static pressure:-400~1000Pa

Test accuracy:

Repeatability test---- Air leakage rate
Acceptable difference---- ≤±1.0% of averaging difference for one UUT 3 timesconsecutive test, which the tests are at the same installation condition.

Accuracy test---Air leakage rate
Acceptable difference----≤±1.0% compared to test result from another air leakage measuring apparatus designated by the buyer.