The Heat Exchanger Performance laboratory is the performance testing equipment for air cool condenser and air heater (Heat exchanger) which takes water as working medium. It measures heat exchanging capacity, airflow, air resistance, water flow, water resistance and so on.

It consists of air handing unit, measurement, tested coil, compressor condensing unit, water handing unit, control system and computer system, etc.
Unit under test:air cooler,fin and tube heat exchanger,plate type heat exchanger,refrigerator heat exchanger 


Environment dry bulb temp: 15~40 degc
Water inlet and outlet temp: 5~65degc
External static pressure: 0-450 PA

Test accuracy:

(1) Cooling and heating capacity test repeatability:
Acceptable deviation<± 1.5%%

(2) Cooling and heating capacity test balance between the main side and secondary side:
Acceptable deviation<± 4%