The ozone, TVOC & air purifier test room includes the ozonecontent ratio test room, the TVOC emission testroom, the air purifiertest room, and the air filter test room.the test room can be respectively used to test the VOC emission of thefurniture and the renovation material,the CAD, the CCM, and the ozonecontent ratio & other parameters of the air purifier.
The test objects could be the furniture, the carpet, the mat, thecurtain, the air purifier, and the chemical filter etc.

Test standards

UL867   Electrostatic air cleaners

ANSI/AHAM AC1  Method for measuring the performanceportable household electric room air cleaners ANSI-BIFMAM7.1  Standard test method for determining VOC emissions from office furniture systems,components andseating 

ANSI/BIFMA X7.1  Office furniture-test for formaldehyde and TVOC emissions for low-emitting panel-based workstations 

ASTM D6670  Standard practice for full-scale chamberdeterminations of volatile organic emissions from indoormaterials/products